Thursday, May 15, 2014

FLW in Iowa: Stockman House

Mason City, Iowa is home to three structures designed by world-reknown architect Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW), including this home, a bank and a hotel.  Currently all have been restored and are open to the public -- perhaps a visit during the warm summer months would be something you'd enjoy.  And, if you go, be sure to get the Mason City Walking Tour Guide as it highlights over 70 structures that any architecture aficionado will want to see and learn more about.

Anyway, built in 1908, this home was specifically designed for Dr. & Mrs. George Stockman and based on what FLW described in a 1907 Ladies Home Journal article as "A Fireproof House for $5000" with a "flowing 'L' floor plan in which there was no physical boundary between the living and dining rooms."  Other noteable features include a prominent central fireplace; veranda; broad, overhanging eaves; ribbon windows; and an entrance on the side, through one of the two, single-story wings.  This home, with its classic Prairie School elements, became a popular design for the housing needs of middle-class Americans and was influential throughout the country.

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