Monday, January 9, 2017

Hungry Birds

Not "Angry Birds" but rather HUNGRY birds as the frigid, snowy conditions have created more work for these beautiful feathered friends.  For black-capped chickadees, researchers have found that each day they eat about 60% of their body weight, at night go into a regulated state of hypothermia and use excess body fat from the day to shiver all night in order to stay warm enough to survive.  The human equivalent for this overnight survival feat would be a 165-pound male being outdoors all night and in the morning weighing 15 or more pounds less.  In addition to food, scientists have found that chickadees also need a good roost that is insulated enough to help them survive.  Birch trees were found to provide that important habitat.

The point of all this is:  FEED the birds!  Many birds love sunflower seeds and, in most places, those are readily available for puchase and easy to disperse.

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