Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July In Rural Iowa

Despite a lack of rain, fields in these parts are still mostly green as the corn and soybeans somehow manage to survive. These mid-summer images are common for many of us but also provide an opportunity to pause and enjoy the serenity in our peaceful rural landscapes.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tractor Aficionado

A man, his sons and his toys! Today's post features my father-in-law along with three of his boys and some of his restored tractors. In a recent parade each son drove one of their dad's tractors while he followed behind in the big orange rig. What a neat way to participate in their local town's celebration as well as have a little fun on these treasured orange beauties.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty posies

Here is a gorgeous grouping of bold colored petunias and some dainty yellow flowers that delightfully highlight the arrangement. Numerous bouquets just like this adorned the streets and businesses of Jackson, Wyoming. Such a wonderful assortment of color to greet visitors!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Go Boating!

This photo speaks to summer fun on the lake for all ages.  Of course, I have fond memories of times spent on a nearby river and at the cabin my grandparents had there.  My sister and I loved staying at that place and the many hours we spent on rafts in the river as well as the occasional waterskiing outings!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Grand Teton

Today I am still featuring photos from Wyoming and Teton National Park, including a magnificent view of the Grand Teton. What a beautiful site. And, as you can see, being over 10,000 feet high on a mountain offers breathtaking vistas as well as cool, crisp temperatures in the forties.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rocks On The Snake

Well, if the heat has you looking for anyway to stay cool, this photo just may do the trick. The rocks on the Snake River glisten under the bright morning sun and cool, crisp temperature of approximately the mid-fifties! Indeed, this was a wonderful start to our day as we spent a couple hours floating alongside the Tetons.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Whimsical Outdoor Decor

These two photos are examples of all the different garden and outdoor decorations we commonly see during the warm-weather months. What have you seen?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bag of Worms

How many times have you seen this capsule of caterpillars wavering in a tree outside your door? In these parts, this scene is quite common, and many folks take various measures to rid the tree of the invaders. Well, I took this picture as, like so often occurs, I was searching for an entirely different subject to photograph...and found it rather intriguing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Furry Farm Friends

These photos are of cats that reside at the farm who love some attention ( and cold water ) from my husband and me as I work in the vegetable garden or while he does things in and around the machine sheds. The calico variety happens to be a very good mother and even cared for kittens who were abandoned by their own mother. The guy that appears to be meowing with his eyes closed constantly is at our side yowling and begging for attention. Since he is a male we refer to him as "Tom."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Historic Yellow Buses

Today's photo features the White Model 706 tour bus that was designed specifically for sightseeing in national parks of the western USA. In 1936 Yellowstone acquired 27 of these vehicles and by 1940 98 operated in the park. These particular buses were used until the mid-1960's and then sold. According to some sources, the Skagway Streetcar Company of Alaska assembled a fleet of eight and used them until 2001 when they were again sold to Yellowstone. At that time these yellow buses were restored, retrofitted with new running gear and returned to service in 2002. Currently 33 units haul tourists to popular sites throughout the park.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hand In Hand

Recently, at a small town celebration, I captured this adorable picture of siblings walking hand in hand. Apparently a big brother was helping his little sister navigate the various carnival rides. She must have felt secure with his guidance as she didn't fuss or try to get out of his grip. What a precious scene.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pretty In Peach

Even though most lilies are now past their prime, this gorgeous soft light-orange variety also deserved a day in the spotlight. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another BIG 4-Legger

For today's post I decided to feature a photo taken close to home and of a commonly seen subject. However, be sure to notice all the FLIES! That particular day when I set out taking photos I was simply looking for cows and calves as this was in early April. But, after I took this close-up shot, I quickly realized my lens captured more than just a face!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bison In West Yellowstone

Today's post features a unique twist on traditional photos of American Bison as these statues adorn the town of West Yellowstone, showcase some of the area's treasured landscapes and honor ancestors. Just like a few years ago, when Chicago had its 'Cows On Parade,' West Yellowstone visitors can make their way through this quaint little town and find as many of these beautiful large figures as time allows. Have a look!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bison In The Park

So, let's return to Yellowstone! Any visitor to this magnificent national park is treated with awesome views of wildlife, including American Bison. These are the heaviest land animal in North America yet can travel at speeds up to 35 - 40 mph! That fact amazes me as bison are enormous and look as if they are best suited for resting! Nevertheless, I captured several photos of these beautiful creatures, including one adult who appeared to be scratching his back by rolling in the dirt and another of a cow and calf.

More Fireworks

Because I had several photos of recent fireworks displays, I decided to share a few more! And, simply, I just love all the color as it illuminates the night sky and creates all sorts of amazing images. Enjoy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Old Faithful Inn

Yesterday's post featured Yellowstone's widely known Old Faithful geyser while today's piece highlights the historic Old Faithful Inn. Located just a short distance from the geyser, this spectacular wooden structure was built in 1904 and, in the early twentieth century, a couple additions were constructed. And, in case you wondered, it closes during the winter; however, a few men are employed during that time to monitor the interior and prevent roof collapse by removing much of the snow...whew! With all the snow that region receives and the extreme pitch to the roof line, that job would not be for the faint of heart.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Old Faithful

After seeing several photos from Jackson Hole, perhaps you expected pictures from Yellowstone...let's get started! According to various publications, the park has approximately 10,000 hydrothermal features and Old Faithful Geyser is one of the most popular attractions. The eruptions, which take place about every 92 minutes, are as high as 180 feet and last up to five minutes.

Fireworks On The Fourth

Enjoy these bright shots of the night sky illuminated with brilliant colors.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rural Iowa On Parade: Cool Cars

From riding lawn mowers to fire trucks, horses to tractors, and more, most parades include some interesting modes of transportation. Many are antiques and/or have been restored. Today's photos feature two autos that caught my eye, including one with a bold color scheme and another that is uncommonly seen on the road.

Monday, July 2, 2012

On the Snake River

Well, with this heat wave keeping our temperatures close to one hundred degrees, I would be thrilled to be back on a raft and floating down the Snake River. Today's photos are some that I took while spending a morning on that river at the base of the Tetons. We enjoyed incredibly majestic views as the snow-covered peak of The Grand Teton loomed just above us and wildlife tolerated our presence.