Wednesday, June 6, 2012


While at a recent family gathering I took these pictures of this dog as it thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to retrieve a tennis ball!  Now, to be honest, several family members often give the dog's owner a lot of grief regarding this "Puggle" (a Beagle-Pug mix) named Chloe; however, when I saw how adorable she looked in these action shots, I just had to feature her on my blog!   So, if you also enjoyed these pictures of the athletic-looking Chloe, leave a comment and I will pass along those positive remarks to her master.


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  2. I think you musta got all 3 times that Chloe actually caught and retrieved the ball... By attempt 5, she was showing signs of fatigue and lost interest. I believe one time RYAN had to go retrieve the ball. What would you call that, irony or poetic justice?