Monday, August 20, 2012

Iowa State Fair: Part I

Just yesterday the annual edition of the Iowa State Fair concluded; therefore, this week's posts will feature scenes from that wonderful event and provide viewers with some rather unusual shots as well as the more predictable sites.  Since fair food is such a popular topic, each day I will include some vendors' signs that boldly state the food or beverage offering, starting with the highly anticipated corn dog.  In addition, if you don't already know, I must note that this fair is widely known for its many delectable offerings 'on a stick,' such as pork chops on a stick, rice crispy squares on a stick, cheesecake on a stick, and various deep fried novelties on a stick!  Finally, after mentioning all of these calorie-laden treats and spending a couple days at this event, one thing that made me laugh was a t-shirt that some fairgoers were wearing as it announced, "I went to the Iowa State Fair and all I got was Type 2 Diabetes."  Enjoy this week at the fair.

Despite making his way through the crowd with a calf, this handler still managed to remain connected via his smart phone.

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