Tuesday, September 18, 2012

West Yellowstone, MT

Located about 500 feet from the west entrance to the national park in a Rocky Mountain valley is the town of West Yellowstone, Montana.  Earlier this summer, prior to entering the park, we spent a few hours here, and perhaps you saw my post in July that featured painted bison statues also from this place.  Today's photos include a street-side view of the town as well as some of the rescued bears, wolves and raptors that are now residents of West Yellowstone as they reside in the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.  Regarding the grizzlies, for example, each has its own story but the common thread is that they all live at this shelter because they were either identified as 'nuisance bears' or were orphaned cubs of a nuisance bear.  And, for these bears, they would likely be destroyed because they learned to get food from people, to damage property to get food and/or to become aggressive to humans.  If you happen to visit this area be sure to stop for a tour, get an up-close view of these amazing animals and learn about the role each plays in the Yellowstone ecosystem.


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