Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Shoes: Popsicle

Popsicle by Stephanie Funke

After seeing this image, the title should speak for itself.  When I was in the process of photographing all these funky high heels, it was summer with very warm temperatures.  So, I guess it is not surprising that upon first seeing this particular colorful shoe, I remember immediately thinking of those drippy, sweet-tasting orange and blue and purple popsicles that we loved to get on a hot afternoon at the swimming pool.  And, from what I know, kids of all ages still enjoy them! 

Anyway, take note of the model's painted nails as she had just returned from a trip to Mexico and was a bit ashamed of how poorly she thought her toenails looked.  Well, I told her not worry as they would be black and white while only the shoe color was highlighted; however, when I saw how well the colors matched the shoe, I couldn't resist including that little detail -- an extra tidbit that seems to say, "This girl just wants to have fun!"

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