Thursday, March 27, 2014

2nd Anniversary

Today marks two years for this blog, and I decided to celebrate by featuring photos that include two of my favorite things.  Hmmm...what are they?  Have a look and take a guess.

Notice the varieties of Coleus in green and maroon.
My first favorite thing is beautiful, overflowing potted-plants that contain multiple varieties of Coleus.  If you have seen my summer-time creations, you know that I have several arrangements that adorn our outdoor space and include Coleus -- such rich colors and intricate patterns that can tolerate heat and sun. 
The Windy City's Hancock is the centerpiece.

Another of my favorites is cityscapes/architecture.  Honestly, I could get lost in the middle of a concrete jungle with camera in hand and fill all my memory cards with shots of high rises and their captivating designs, reflections and unique characteristics.

Finally, a special thanks to all of you who visit daily to see new images on this blog, and I look forward to posting more in year three.

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