Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo Competition Update

In the most recent, June/July edition of Our Iowa, the above photo is a finalist in the "Iowa Humor" category of the magazine's annual photo competition.  So, again, I come asking for your vote and certainly appreciate all of you who take the time to do so.  Here's how to cast your ballot:  send an email to hotline@OurIowaMagazine.com and in the subject line type "Vote Iowa Humor."  In the email message include "I vote for # 4."  If you'd rather mail your vote, send a note stating that you vote for #4 in the Iowa Humor photo competition.  Mail to:  Focus on Iowa Photo Contest, Iowa Humor Category, Our Iowa, 1606 Golden Aspen Drive, Suite 109, Ames, IA 50010.

And, more exciting news to share:  in the April/May edition of Our Iowa, the above photo was a finalist in the "Iowa People" category and actually received the most votes to win that category.  Now it will be one of four finalists in the running for the overall Grand Prize -- more details on that in a couple months.  To all of you loyal followers, thanks for the votes!

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