Tuesday, August 18, 2015



Recently, while enjoying an afternoon at an amusement park, I met a woman who uses plastic bags to crochet a new bag that holds just about anything and is indestructible.  While explaining the process, she noted that she cuts off the handles and proceeds to cut the original plastic bag into about 1-inch strips.  Those strips serve as the yarn and then she is off.  When asked how long it takes her to construct the new bag, she replied, "About a day -- if that's the only thing I do that day."  Also, she was quick to point out that the bag above to the left is made of many different sacks from various retailers, the one to the right is made only with "Fareway" (a popular grocery story in Iowa) bags and the one below is only from Walmart bags.

Obviously, I admire her ingenuity and am inspired by her creativity and persistence.  


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