Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introducing "DoeAnn & Buck"

This couple resides in an enclosure at a nearby county park where I often go in warm-weather months to get some shots of the landscape and colorful blooms.  Honestly, during most visits I quickly pass by their pen while noticing them relaxing in the tall grass or walking incessantly on a path inside the perimeter of the fence; however, during my most recent stop a few things were noticeably different.  First, it is winter and very few folks visit the park.  Second, as soon as these animals spotted me, they immediately moved in my direction and more or less stayed close for the remainder of the time I was there.  Hmmm...what a difference the cold weather and snow make!  Honestly, I have no background in animal science; however, if I were to hypothesize regarding the differences in their behavior, I would guess they were looking for food.  Along with their regular feed, during the summer these two supplement their diets with berries from nearby trees, munch on the grass and receive all sorts of "treats" from the many park guests.  Regardless, I sure enjoyed their company and plan to return soon!

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