Monday, January 6, 2014


With high temperatures forecast NOT to be above zero for a couple days, I thought these images mirrored the current frigid conditions in Iowa.  However, I have to say that these photos were taken a couple weeks ago when we experienced a brief "warm up" as the thermometer finally displayed a number above freezing!  And, therefore, there was fog in the early morning that created these frosty conditions that later gave way to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  To capture some of Mother Nature's amazing artwork, I spent over an hour outdoors traipsing through the snow and marveling at the intricate ice-crystal formations.

And, in case you wondered, today's photos are of a chain-link fence as the sun started to melt some of the ice crystals and left behind some rugged mountain-peak scenes.  Tomorrow, as the temperature here remains below zero, look for a couple more 'frozen' images.

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