Friday, January 24, 2014

My 'Deer' Friend

Given all the cold, snowy, windy weather we have had in the last month, I tend to focus on staying warm myself and forget about wildlife trying to survive in the elements.  Obviously, in such harsh conditions, food, water and shelter become paramount to their survival.  So, today I put out some more birdseed and decided to post these photos of the doe that resides at a nearby county park.  When I visit during the winter she immediately comes to the fence, follows my every move and, whenever I pause, puts her snout through the gaps in the enclosure.  My guess is that she is looking for this human to give food to her; however, I do enjoy her company and think of her as my 'deer' friend.

Be sure to leave a comment telling about how you help our feathered and furry friends make it through the winter.

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