Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Bit Squirrelly

Animated.  Mischievous.  Nimble.  These descriptors come to mind when I see squirrels frolicking in the yard, raiding bird feeders, tightrope walking electrical lines and chasing one another from tree to tree.  And, just thinking about their crazy antics makes me laugh.  So, today's photos include some scenes where I captured them doing what squirrels do best -- eating, slithering through tight spots and eating some more. 

The first picture is one of my favorites as it humors me to imagine how easily this furry little critter found a bag of birdseed on a porch and started inhaling.  However, I can also understand the home owner's frustration when he found an empty bag along with sunflower seeds, cracked corn and more strewn in all directions just outside his front door.   

And, if after reading to this point you still have not smiled, I want to remind you of a couple instances where squirrels certainly captured our attention and made us laugh.  First, recall the incident in the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when the squirrel created havoc during a holiday gathering and caused great emotional distress for an elderly woman.  My dad still laughs hysterically when watching that scene. 

Second, think of last fall when a squirrel shocked everyone as it dashed across home plate during a Cardinals-Phillies Divisional Series game.  That squirrel quickly became known as Busch, The Rally Squirrel, and probably still has his own Twitter account.

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