Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink & Blue

About the time daffodils and other spring bulbs start to bloom Bluebells do the same.  While looking at that photo be sure to notice the clusters of pink buds that will become the blue bells.  Since Bluebells like moist soil and some shade, you might find these in a woodsy area or along a damp shady border of an existing garden. 

The second photo is of something I never knew existed until after I took the photo and had to find out the name.  Perhaps the same for you?  Nevertheless, the amazing ruffled pink blooms of the Flowering Almond shrub captured my attention as they looked like enormous kernels of popcorn lining the branches.  Set against the trees and lush green grass, this bloomer dazzles all who take time to notice its explosion of petite pink flowers.
Flowering Almond

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