Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giants Among Us

April 2012
About a year ago between the two small Iowa towns of Greeley and Edgewood construction started on the Elk Wind Farm.  Today 17 wind turbines operate in that rural area and provide energy to farms, businesses and homes within the state.  According to an article posted on the web by the Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative, this farm serves only customers in the state and can produce enough electricity for approximately 14,000 typical Iowa homes.

Since our vegetable garden is located near this site, last summer I had ample opportunities to witness this enormous undertaking and capture a few photos of the construction phase.  Now, a year later, most of these rural gravel roads are quiet again except for the local farmers preparing to plant corn and soybeans; however, the landscape is permanently dotted with these energy-producing giants that tower above the horizon and can be seen from miles around. 

Of course, as a former Spanish teacher who taught one of the world's most famous novels, Don Quijote de La Mancha, I can't help but wonder if, someday while I am picking strawberries or tomatoes, I will be greeted by the famous crazed knight-errant and his squire, Sancho Panza, as they roam the countryside restoring order and fighting injustices by performing chivalrous deeds.  So far, no sightings!

Cranes played an integral role 

April 2012

Construction, August 2011

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