Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anniversary # 1

Why fireworks?  Because today marks one year since I started this photo blog!  Have to admit that, before embarking on this endeavor, I had a lot of reservations as I imagined turning out photos and commentary for all the world to see; however, I have thoroughly enjoyed it...except when I experience glitches with Internet connections!  I think you all understand that, right?!
Anyway, below is a photo from my first post -- some ferns emerging from their winter slumber.  Honestly, this shot of the ferns in a hairy shroud intrigued me so much that I finally decided to share this unusual image with others and launch Funke Photos blog.  Since then I have faithfully generated five posts per week that contain sometimes strange, predictable, timely, unexpected and/or eye-catching photos.  To all of my faithful viewers and those that take time to compose comments, thanks!  Here's to year two!

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  1. Congratulation on year one!! I totally enjoy checking your blog each day :)